Friday, 6 May 2011

Part Time Blogging

You may have read a lot about pro blogging and what it takes to become a full time blogger and earn more than enough to have a living. This is one of the most common topics among active bloggers and there are tons of nice articles that cover various aspects of the subject. With the huge amount of focus that is currently given on becoming a pro blogger, I think often the opportunity and benefits of becoming a profitable part-time blogger is widely overlooked. Earning a reasonable amount of money on a part time basis is actually more desirable than most people realize.

Part-Time Blogging: What Are the Benefit: -

·        Less Pressure on Yourself - If you are a part-time blogger then you will probably have a day job which entitles you with a full-time income. You won’t have to pressurize yourself to produce or to earn large sums of money from your blog right from the start. So you will be able to concentrate more on your ‘blogging’ rather than ‘making money’. If you’re able to live well from your full-time income, the income that your blog generates will be like extra money. If you come across a bad month when you don’t make as much as you would have hoped, it’s not that big of a deal.

·        Good Supplementary Income - Even though you don’t have the pressure to produce an income from your blog that can support your lifestyle, you do have some opportunity to earn a very good income even from being a part time blogger. I believe, one of the best reasons of blog part-time blogging is the opportunity to build an passive income that continues to grow, even when it’s just a part-time effort. If you are lucky you might come to a point where your supplementary income may be more than enough to consider giving up your day job and becoming a pro blogger, or you may choose to just continue part-time and enjoy the extra income.

·        Professional Status - If you have studied engineering to become an engineer or law to become a lawyer you can still be all if you are a part time blogger. You can peruse whatever carrier that you dreamed of and still enjoy part time blogging. You don’t need to quit your day job and jump in right away to blogging in order to become successful. Many full time bloggers don’t have that luxury to do so. They have given up their job and their carrier to become a full time blogger - and although they earn enough now to make a living, you don’t have to necessarily do the same thing.  As a part-time blogger you have the luxury of earning some money and building your business without the risk that would come along with going full-time right away.

·        Allows for Re-Investment - Blogging for Money  is a business like any other. Part of being in business is willingness to spend money and invest in the business. Most bloggers are very hesitant to spend any money for their blog and are always looking for free options. 
While being careful with your money is a good attitude, but having a willingness to re-invest some or all of your blogging income on your blog itself will give you a better chance of making more in the long run. Usually Part-time bloggers have a much greater ability to re-invest their earnings because in most cases they don’t rely on that income for necessary living expenses.

5 Tips for Part-Time Bloggers: -

1.   Always Have a Plan - This is especially necessary for part-time bloggers as it’s a very critical point. Always set a goal - Do you want to eventually earn a full-time income from your blog? Are you happy with what you are earning right now? Of course both your plan and goal can change over time, but it is important to have a working plan of where you want to go with your blog and the steps that you need to follow in order to get there.

2.   Use a Schedule - If you are a part time blogger, you only have a few hours available to spend on your blog. So being efficient and able to do proper time management is essential. In order for you to achieve maximum efficiency you will need to schedule your time to assure that you’re working on things that will produce solid results, rather than just wasting time surfing.

3.   Don’t Try to be the Jack of all trades - Many of us face the challenge of directing our efforts into one particular thing that we are good at. You probably have ideas for several new blogs that you are keen to start or several other online methods of making money. It’s always best to avoid the temptation to take on too much at one time. You’ll see better results by focusing your efforts and energy on one thing at a time. Be truthful and realistic with yourself about what you can handle and what you simply don’t have time for.

4.   Approach Part-Time Blogging as Asset Building - Part-time blogging is really all about building an asset online. From what I have seen in past, blogs that are popular are often sold for thousands of dollars. Whether you want to eventually sell the blog once it becomes popular or keep it, the blog is always an asset to you. If you start to look at your blogging efforts as asset building you’ll see more of the long-term benefits and payoffs and you’ll worry less on the hours that you’re losing for other activities.

5.   Always Re-Evaluate Your Goals - When you first started blogging you probably had some basic goals that were slightly different than they are now. This is a very natural thing. Once you start to learn about what’s involved with running a profitable blog and the various opportunities that exist, you may change your mind in some time in the middle and have a complete set of new goals. It’s always a good idea to sit down and evaluate why you are dedicating your time to blogging and where you are hoping to go with it.

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