Sunday, 8 May 2011

How To Get Traffic from Facebook Social Plugins

Social Plugins are a new initiative from Facebook to allow website owners to integrate their content into Facebook’s social graph. Put simply, that means if you start using their plugins on your blog, any interactions your visitors make with the plugins will be reflected in their Facebook profiles, and thus to their friends.

There are a bunch of plugins on offer which you can find more about here. Most of the plugins show visitors information about their friends on your pages, but two of them are great for bloggers looking to try and get back a little traffic love from Facebook.

·        Like Button: -


Facebook have fallen in love with “Like” buttons – you’ll start to see this as the action of choice for everything in Facebook, be it your friend’s comments, Facebook Pages, etcetera. You can now put a Like button on your web pages, which means when your visitors click it, your web page potentially shows up as a story in the user’s public profile when they click it, meaning their friends may see it and click as well.

If you’re running WordPress, it’s easy – there’s a plugin you can grab here which all the hard works for you.

If you need to implement the Like button manually, go this setup page where Facebook will generate code for a Like button for your site. You’ll have to put an address in (don’t worry we’ll hack that in a bit). Setup the other options (I’d recommend unchecking “Show Faces” to keep the size of this small) then click “Get Code” and copy the IFRAME version. This is the version of code you will need to put in your site. There’s an example below: -

You will need to change the URL part (highlighted) for every page you put this on, and I’d recommend adding the height constraint (also highlighted) which will keep the plugin from creating too much white space.

·        Like Box (for Facebook Pages)


The Like box is an option for Facebook Page owners to show a feed of information about your Page – recent stories, how many users like it, and the all important Like Button. Unlike the Like button for your web pages, this will create a permanent connection between the Facebook user and your Facebook page, which means any updates you make to your Facebook page, may be shown in the user’s main news feed, thus increasing the chances of them visiting your site again.

If you haven’t got a Facebook page for you Blog, I would highly recommend it, it’s free and can be created here. You can configure all sorts of options for your Facebook Page but even if you just publish your blog posts to your Facebook page, it is likely to drive you some traffic.

Once you’ve created your Facebook page you’ll need the number (id) of the page to paste in this page to create a Like Box. For example, from my page, it’s the last set of numbers on the url: -

Again, if you’re running WordPress there’s a plugin here, otherwise play with the options to create the Like Box, and copy the code for your site.


Unlike the many other plugins and widgets competing for space on your blog, these two plugins provide a real benefit by virally spreading your blog through the biggest Social Network on the web. From my perspective, that’s a very hard offer to turn down. Go check them out.

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